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vr 26 apr


Onada (Leuven)

Soul Approaches to Nurture Babies and Families

In this 1,5 day workshop with Nina Ketscher, you will receive powerful and supportive soul techniques that uplift, heal, and protect – yourself, babies, and their families.

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Soul Approaches  to Nurture Babies and Families
Soul Approaches  to Nurture Babies and Families

Tijd en locatie

26 apr 2024, 18:30 – 27 apr 2024, 16:00

Onada (Leuven), Coigesteenweg, Bertem, België

Over deze workshop

Supertrots dat ik gastvrouw ben voor deze bijzondere workshop met Nina Ketscher!

Dit is een In-Person workshop van 1.5 dag die in het Engels zal doorgaan.

Just put the seed of love in them. Divine love.

Try to make your children to know about the divine love then they will be fine.

Sri Kaleswar


Friday, April 26, 2024 –18:30 to 20:30

Welcome evening with introduction and orientation. Nina will share how soul approaches to working with babies and families have supported the work she has done, while working in a Functional and Integrative Paediatric Clinic, and how you can weave them into the work you are already doing.

Saturday, April 27, 2024 – 10:00 to 16:00

Learn ways to protect yourself to avoid burnout, and specific hands-on healing techniques that support those you serve on the soul level, which supports the whole person; body, mind, heart and soul. You will practise the techniques on each other, and have time to integrate and reflect individually and as a group.


  • Hands-on Techniques that Support & Protect Baby, Mama, and the Whole Family: Learn and practice hands-on techniques that support and protect, the whole family, on the soul level, before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • Self-Care Techniques & Ways to Avoid Burnout: Receive powerful ways to nurture and avoid burnout.
  • Individual Support & Guidance

Nina will be working with the group field, while supporting each individual specifically. She will be working hands-on in demonstrations with a few participants. If you would like to be considered, for this opportunity to receive hands-on directly from Nina, please email Nina.

Virtual Course Platform and Printed Handouts

Access handouts electronically via the online course platform. You will also receive printed handouts at the workshop.


Nina Ketscher is a Holistic Integrative Therapist working with professionals, moms, babies, children, and parents. Trained in both Western Psychology (Somatic, Pre & Perinatal, and Energy) and Eastern Healing Wisdoms, Nina expands upon commonly known practices for supporting healthy conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Nina’s approach is co-creative and collaborative. She weaves Western psychology and Eastern wisdoms, of the Divine feminine and masculine qualities, in sessions and workshops, to support early whole beginnings, and wholeness at all stages of human development. Nina shares knowledge and practices allowing conscious and powerful soul-to-soul connection between mother and baby, as well as in partner relationships.

She focuses on the unique being of each soul, their soul’s spark, as an essential component to experiencing one’s wholeness.


Onada Katelijne Keppens Coigesteenweg 67 Leefdaal

Vuurvlinder Kwikstraat 39A, 3078 Kortenberg

Join Nina for the workshop and receive powerful and supportive soul techniques that uplift, heal, and protect – yourself, babies, and their families.


Course fee: 225 euro


To subscribe, go to this website.



In addition to the workshop, Nina will be offering some healing sessions. These are hands-on energy sessions. The healings are best received in comfortable clothing while lying on your back.

There are two options for the healing sessions.

To schedule healings, please contact

Sai Shakti Healing

Sai means Universal, Shakti means Power. These hands-on healings connect you with the Universal power of creation and helps to balance specific chakras in the body, which helps to “de-charge” excess energy that builds up over the day(s), that you take on, with or without, your notice. These healings are about 30 minutes long. The sessions begin and end in conversation, so Nina can best support you during the healing.

Total time 1 hour. Fee: 108€

Sai Shakti Healing with Womb Chacra Purification

Receive a Sai Shakti Healing in combination with a womb chakra purification healing. Once we create a purified and powerful womb chakra in us, we not only can help to transform negative energy to the positive in ourselves, but we become amazing healers for others. The Womb Chakra Purification Process is a series of 9 healings. Each healing can be a profound and life changing experience.

Total time 1 hour 15 min – Fee: €140

More about the 9 Womb Chakra Purification Healings…

We were born into this creation (the nature) from our physical mother’s womb. Hidden in each of us is a womb chakra which links directly to our mother, and her mother, and her mother all the way to the ultimate creator of our soul, the Divine Mother’s womb.  The womb chakra is the place where the spark of the creation energy is in us. Where we can change the negative to the positive, where we can heal from any disease, heartbreak, depression, relationship problems, and mental instability. It is vital to our well-being: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We carry karmas in our lives from our own actions and behaviors. Those karmas create certain disturbances and desires, or karma energy, which in turn, cloud our womb chakra with layers of illusion. When our womb chakra is clouded, we cannot see who we truly are, a beautiful crystal soul. We behave and act through doubts, jealousy, insecurities, anger, etc, which create more negative energy and circumstances in our lives. When we purify our womb chakra, we begin to shed the karmas and the old belief patterns that affect us in a negative way and transform it into a positive energy. Then we can begin to see who we truly are. We come out from our heartbreaks and depression, we heal from disease, we have mental clarity, direction and determination, and we experience positive relationships.

 From a client’s experience… 

“I worked with Nina over a six month period of time. During our sessions, Nina offered gracious support and wisdom as well as the deep healing that came from the nine sessions of womb chakra purifications. Many aspects of my life have shifted significantly as a result of our work together. The volatile relationship between my ex husband and I has become peaceful and compassionate, the pain and hurt of previous relationships has dissipated immensely and I have been able to cut cords and free myself of the past.   My children are also experiencing positive shifts in their lives as a result of my own healing. Indeed, our energy is so karmically intertwined. I am seeing abundance show up in my life on a daily basis now, in my friendships, my children, my private practice, and even financially. I am attracting a much more pure and clear energy now. Each new gift brings me to tears of joy and gratitude. Nina is a beautiful healer. Her heart, humor, patience, life experience, and profound intuition and wisdom make her truly unique in the way that she was able to assist me in healing wounds that I have been working on for a decade but could never truly release until my work with her.”

– Rian Rochelle, Sacred Therapies

Frequently Asked Questions​ When does the course start and finish? 

The course begins Friday, April 26th through Saturday, April 27th. After registering, you will receive a series of emails, including a receipt and information on how to log into your course. You will also have access to the welcome page in your course which orients you to the program event days and timings.  The course will then unfold after the start date.

 Will I be able to download the course materials? 

The course includes materials which you may download and keep on your own computer (subject to our Terms of Use). These include: audio files and written course materials (PDF). Please keep these materials confidential and for your use only.

 How long will I have access to the course? 

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own, and for as long as the internet exists.

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